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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Blog About Streaming? What For?

Yes, here's yet another blog about streaming media on the web!
Correct, there are plenty already, and some are truly excellent. Why do I feel we need another one?

Basically, because I get a lot of messages, every week, from people who are looking into launching their own TV channel or video on demand. They looked into the standard avenues, YouTube, Vimeo, UStream and so on. They tried it for a while, and gave up. Sunk into the flood of TV channels already available on these platforms.

And they ask me how I do it. Black Flag TV (and my other channels) don't use any of these streaming platforms. I don't host my content on the internet. My programming is schedule-based. And I encourage people to embed it everywhere, no need to ask for permission.

"And since it's schedule-based, not on-demand, how do you make it work? People want stuff on-demand, nowadays."


So I figured there's a lot of content I can cover here. Share my experience with Black Flag TV, and hopefully help other people to make their own TV channels, outside the standard streaming platforms!

sv bell

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