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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Don't buy a car to go get bread at the store

I'm getting frequent messages like: "Man, I LOVE your channel, and I do have a film in the making. As soon as I have money, I'm buying a camera and make it happen!"

That's awesome, go for it! I can only encourage anyone to make their dreams come true.

Where I see a problem though is when someone tells me they're going to buy equipment to make a film. In many situations it's not really a good move.

Chances are, you want your film to look professional, right? And pro cameras, usually, aren't cheap. Your best option is to rent one. Rent from friends, from rental outlets, but don't buy. Don't buy if it's only to make your movie. After all, you will be filming for 3 weeks, and spend the remaining of the year in the editing room. While your camera will gather dust on the shelves. Not a good investment!

When will you make another movie? Technology moves really fast (too fast) so chances are that next time you will produce another film, your equipment will be outdated and you will want to work with the latest toy.

Renting fixes all that. Cheaper, and always up to date technology. Let the rental outlet to struggle keeping pace with the latest gadgets.

But you know where the fact of renting will really benefit to your film's production? When you'll finally get to the filming day, you will be much more prepared. Planning a film shoot is critical. When you rent equipment for a certain date, you plan things ahead, much more carefully than when you bring your own stuff. And it makes a huge difference...

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