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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So you think YouTube's view count is real? This BLANK video got 100,000 views.

It's a fact that metrics in the digital world are fake. Fake likes, fake views, fake clicks, fake hits, fake visitors... You uploaded a video to Youtube and your friends saw it? Great, but don't trust the views count. Some of your friends may be worth 1/5th of a view in Youtube analytics' algorithm. It's in the best interest for Google to keep your views count low, since to boost it, your natural reaction will be to promote the heck out of it and bring everyone to Youtube to watch. That mean more Google ads displayed on your page.

This Minneapolis-based advertising agency uploaded to Youtube a blank, empty video and paid to make it viral. Didn't take very long the clip to get 100,000 views. How real are these views? You can draw your own conclusions about this.

See the report on AdWeek, and stop worshipping clicks, likes and view counts!

To fully understand what's under the hood of social medias, read this great book by B.J. Mendelson...