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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Black Flag TV 2015: moving to computerless environment

What's really annoying when extensively working with computers and softwares, it's the only thing that's certain is that everything is unstable. Or at least it doesn't remain stable for very long.

There's always something, somewhere in the process, some tools or hardware parts you need to upgrade, to update, to replace, and so on.

Technology evolves very fast. Faster than the time you need to recoup an investment. Programmed obsolescence is also very frustrating.

My goal for 2015 with my TV channels is to move everything toward a computerless, softwareless environment. There are standalone streaming decks available, that do not require a computer to stream media to the web. Depending on the capabilities, these decks don't come cheap. But looking at it on the long run, they still come cheaper than the sum of video routers, computers and software updates/upgrades that are required to run a TV stream on the course of a few years.

By the end of March, I will begin to stream one of the TV channels without a computer, see how it goes, make adjustments and eventually move all my stations to dedicated standalone streaming decks. Just like the big boys over at those real TV networks out there...

Wish me luck!

sv bell

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