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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Black Flag TV Channels Have Moved in Roku's Catalog

I've just learned from the Roku admins that they made some important changes to their TV channels classification.

The "Internet TV" category, where Black Flag TV and Cult Movies TV were located, has been removed. All the channels from that category can now be found under "Movies and TV" category.

If you already have my channels installed on your device, nothing has changed, and they're still in your menu. But for those who are browsing channels on their unit or Roku's website, looking for Black Flag TV network, you will find it under Movies and TV.

Here, I'll make your life easier:!details/40081/blackflag-tv!details/47093/cultmovies-tv-trailers

Thanks for joining the fun!!
(By the way, Obskura TV is coming very soon on Roku as well. Stay tuned!)


-Sv Bell

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