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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Apple To Produce Original Content?

Variety reported that Apple is considering to start producing original content. Weird idea? Not really.

Apple wants to jump in the ever growing business of streaming media. But why produce original content? Because AppleTV. The talk is that Apple is about to launch a new version of their streaming box, and what better way to sell devices than to create original content exclusively for it.

That's where money is. Selling real world goods. Content's purpose is to sell real world devices and physical goods. Nowadays there's very little profits to be generated by creating content, writing books, building software, applications, music or movies. Money comes with selling physical goods.

Noticed how Apple (among other hardware manufacturers) is claiming applications are the future, and billions of dollars are to be made with developing apps? We hear it very often, right?

But then, why isn't Apple developing more apps themselves? In fact, Apple has abandoned a whole lot of their software lineup these past couple of years. Because they know money doesn't come from apps. Developing software is a continuous, never ending investment and applications have a very short lifespan.

Money comes from the devices a manufacturer sell and that's what Apple will focus on.

If you don't control the physical support of your content, you don't control anything.

Real money is in the real world, period. All the other sensational claims are e-marketers bullshit!


Some online video numbers from the folks at Statista (remember that "revenues" are NOT "profits").

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